History of the Faculty of Medicine

The establishment of the Faculty of Medicine within the University of Prishtina was preceded by the approval of the law by the Assembly of the SAC of Kosovo on June 17, 1969 (official gazette no.20 / 69).
The official day of the beginning of the work of FM is marked December 4, 1969, the day when the first lecture was held on the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Prishtina. By a decision dated November 7, 1973, the Faculty of Medicine merged with the Hospital Center of Prishtina, transforming it into a University Clinical Center and registering with the District Commercial Court in Prishtina, and began operating as an academic unit. The Faculty of Medicine started working initially in the direction of General Medicine. In the academic year 1975/76 the first generation of the Department of Dentistry was registered. After adequate preparations in the academic year 1996/97 the branch of Pharmacy was opened, while in the academic year 2001/02 the branch of Physiotherapy was opened (Bachelor studies). In the academic year 2003/04, the branch of Midwifery and Nursing (Bachelor studies) was opened, and in cooperation with the University of Vienna, the branch in Health Management (Master) was opened.
Postgraduate studies were established during the '80s, as Postgraduate Studies Programs - Master's Degree in General Medicine and Dentistry.
The academic level "Master of Medical Sciences" (Mr. Sc.) is achieved by the defense of the master's thesis.
Furthermore, the academic degree of "Doctor of Medical Sciences" (Dr. Sc.) is achieved by defending the doctoral thesis.
Postgraduate studies according to the Bologna system, at the Faculty of Medicine, first started with the Master Program, in the Health Management program, in 2003.
Then, Ph.D. study program, started in 2007.