Electronic Student Management System

Electronic Student Management System (SEMS) is a platform created by the University of Prishtina, in order to provide electronic services for Students

Modules of the SEMS system consists of these modules:
    • The application module on students ’registration;
    • The grading module;
    • Students ’payments module;
    • Staff and students ’ID cards module;
    • The diplomas module;
    • The quality assurance and evaluation module;
    • The competences module and teaching content;
    • The library module, and
    • Other modules, which can be complemented by special decisions. Language of Usage SEMS functions in Albanian and English languages.

Students can also be assessed and graded through SEMS.
SEMS operates according to the regulation approved by the Senate of the University of Prishtina.
The purpose of this regulation is to determine standards of using students ’electronic management system - SEMS in the University of Prishtina“ Hasan Prishtina ”.
This regulation shall be applicable to all academic and administrative units, unless otherwise determined via high legal framework.

Link: https://studenti.uni-pr.edu