The Advisory Body of the Faculty of Medicine was established on June 29, 2016 as a communication mechanism that initiates dialogue and cooperation between the private sector and academia in terms of updating study programs and adapting curricula to market demands; development of research projects of common interest; providing professional practice so that students apply theoretical knowledge in practice and increase the chances for employment and self-employment of graduates.
The members of the Advisory Body are representatives from professional chambers, public and private institutions, which operate in the relevant fields related to the existing programs of this academic unit such as:

  • Kosovo Chamber of Physicians (OMK),
  • Kosovo Chamber of Dentists (OSK),
  • Kosovo Chamber of Nurses (KIC),
  • Kosovo Chamber of Pharmacis(OFK)
  • Kosovo Chamber of Physiotherapists,
  • Family Medicine,
  • University Clinical Hospital Service of Kosovo (HUCSK),
  • Kosovo National Institute of Public Health(NIPHK) ,
  • Trefarm Company and
  • the Association of Private Health Institutions.