Continuing education

Calendar of lectures for the year 2021, with Kosovar physicians working abroad, organized by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pristina accredited by the Kosovo Chamber of Medical Doctors

Venue: Online through National Telemedicine Center of Kosovo


January 28th, 11:00 a.m.

Dr. Med. Ekrem Maloku, clinical neuropathology
New York University Langone Heakth and Grossman School of Medicine, NY, USA

Topic: Rare neoplastic lesions in CNS – clinical aspects and molecular pathology



February 25th, 10:00 a.m.

Dr. med.  Labinot Marku, neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeon, Hanover, Germany

Topic: “Application of Neuronavigation in Neurosurgery



March 5th, 02:00 p.m

Dr. med. Ardian Zhubi, psychiatrist  
Linden Oaks Hospital at Edward-Elmhurst Health, USA
Advanced Behavioral Health Services 
Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital

Topic: " COVID-19 and mental health"



March 11th, 11:00 a.m.

Dr. med. Arsim Thaqi, ENT specialist

Department of ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum Villingen - Schwenningen, Germany

Topic: “Diseases or pathologies in the sinus spaces and anterior bases of the skull and therapy with minimally-invasive surgery”


March 26, 10:00

Dr. med. Ali Hajdari, Cardiologist
(Oberarzt), Cardiology Clinic, Thüringen, Germany

Topic: “Essential hypertension, treatment" or "Invasive cardiology and stimulation electrophysiology (PM / ICD-CRT-Therapy)”



Aprill 8th , 5:00 pm

Dr. Agron Ismaili MD
Medical director/Internal medicine specialist
Fawcett Memorial Hospital (HCA), Port Charlotte, FL, USA

Topic: “Hospitalization process in USA”



April 20th , 10:00 am.

Rifat Latifi, M.D., FACS, FICS
Chair and Professor of Surgery/ Director, department of Surgery/
Chief of General Surgery Wsetchester Medical Center, USA

Topic: “Transformation of Kosovar surgery, in modern and academic surgery”



April 24th , 10:00 am

Ramadan F. Jashari, M.D., FETCS, Cardiac Surgeon
Director and Manager of Human Body Substances
European Hemograft Bank (EHB), UCL Saint Luc, Brussels, Belgium

Tema: “Scientifically research is the key for finding clinical solutions”



June 4th , 1:00 pm.

PD Dr. med. Florim Cuculi – cardiologist
Heart Centre Lucerne, Switzerland
Luzerner Kantonsspital
Co-Chief Department of Cardiology
Head Interventional Cardiology B
Head Acute Cardiology

Tema: “Interventional cardiology in 2021: new ways for blocked roads”



June 24th , 11:00 am

Docteur Prof. Assoc. Vedat ELJEZI MD PhD – cardiac anesthesiologist
Pôle Médecine Périoperatoire
Praticien Hospitalier
Chirurgie Cardiaque
Hôpital Gabriel Montpied, Frace

Tema: " ECMO treatment of severe cardiorespiratory deficiency"