Faculty of Medicine has oriented its institutional cooperation in  at three levels- national, regional and international. Cooperation in this level is based in exchange of professors in teaching particular subjects, which may be connected to certain professional capacities and in favor of students regarding achievement of learning objectives.

In regional and international level, Faculty of Medicine  in previous years has developed collaborations and many forums were held with the aim of exchanging experiences in teaching, research and scientific work as well as student exchange. With some of these institutions Faculty of Medicine  has reached various agreements and memorandums, which settle precisely responsibilities of the partners.

Faculty of Medicine for several years has close collaboration with Medical University in Tirana and State University of Tetova and this collaboration strengthens each year. Both of these universities have given a valuable contribution in evaluating many PhD theses and continue to do so, thus assisting in development of this level of education.

Faculty of Medicine  has participated in several international projects, either as leading institution or as a partner, therefore internationalizing its work and acquiring important experiences from other partner institutions